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The Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education extends a warm welcome to you to join in a special online panel event on teaching as a career of choice to be compered by Madonna King on 14 September.  It promises to be fast-paced and forward looking, bringing together ideas with potential to form new social contracts for teacher education, young people and communities. A new book titled Professionalizing Teacher Education: Performance assessment, standards, moderation and evidence will be launched to open the panel dialogue.

Teacher education is a field of intense policy interest. It is well recognised as being among the most reviewed areas of professional preparation in the country. The field is now being buffeted by intense forces of change at global, national and local levels. Some forces are new and some are familiar. The risk is how the all too obvious forces appear to be pulling in different, even competing directions. These can be characterised as falling into three broad groups. First, we have the familiar and largely positive force of a strengthened focus on standards and a turn to evidence of ‘quality’ and graduate readiness for teaching. Second, we are witnessing the deeply troubling combination of the impacts of COVID and the undeniable evidence of teacher workforce shortages across the country. This reflects, in part, declining numbers of candidates who choose to enter teaching and the troubling retention issue of graduates choosing to leave teaching in the first five years, and the growing numbers of experienced teachers leaving the profession. Added to this are the emergency measures intended to attract pre-service teachers to fill school teaching vacancies and to retain quality teachers in the classroom. Third, we have the realities of digital disruption, already bringing profound impacts on education, schooling and testing.

The ways we have prepared teachers in former eras are no longer fit for purpose. Now is the time for radical new thinking and actions on how we prepare teachers to work in schools and early learning centres to promote the growth of young people.

In her artful style, Madonna King, will engage a panel of experts to bring together various perspectives on education practice, policy and research and open new thinking about teaching, changing times and teacher preparation. Topics to canvas include:

  • Internships as part of preparation
  • Efforts to diversify the workforce
  • Efficiency of preparation models:  the optimum duration and the modes of delivery of programs
  • Pathways through preparation
  • How the academic program to the practice-based program in schools can be more effectively linked, one to the other, and to worlds of work
  • Improving teaching conditions including salary and study leave


Teacher Education as Vital Nation Building: Panel Event & Book Launch

14 SEPTEMBER 2022 4PM-6PM (QLD, Australia)

This event is hosted by the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education, ACU

Madonna King

Panel Facilitator

Madonna King is an award-winning journalist, author and leader of public debate. She has written in depth about politics, education, health, crime and business and has moderated hundreds of panels across Australia. She writes across publications, appears regularly on ABC TV, and has written 12 books including the biographies of Professor Ian Frazer and former treasurer Joe Hockey. Teenage girls are the subject of her four most recent books – Being 14, Fathers and Daughters, Ten-Ager, and her latest book L Platers, released in May. Madonna’s knowledge is sought widely by governments and corporations wanting to better understand this influential, but vulnerable, part of the population. Madonna chaired the Queensalnd anti-cyber bullying taskforce, is chair of Catholic School Parents Australia and deputy chair of St Leo’s residential college at the University of Queensland.

Dr Anne Looney

Institute of Education, Dublin City University

Professor Anne Looney is the Executive Dean of the Institute of Education at Dublin City University. Anne is a graduate of the Mater Dei Institute in Dublin and the Institute of Education in London, where she completed her doctoral studies. Anne taught in a post-primary school for 14 years before joining the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). In 2001, she was appointed Chief Executive of the NCCA. She led the NCCA until 2016 when she moved to the Higher Education Authority as interim Chief Executive. She joined Dublin City University as Executive Dean in March 2017. She spent 12 months as a professorial research fellow at the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education, Australian Catholic University, in Brisbane in 2014-2015. Anne has published on curriculum and assessment, school culture and ethos, the reform of education systems and religious and moral education.

Mark Grant

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)

Mark Grant is Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). He is an experienced Senior Executive with a demonstrated history of successfully working in a variety of State and National roles in the education industry. Mark is skilled in system level Educational Technology, Curriculum Development, Professional Development, and Coaching. He is a strong business development professional with a Masters of Studies in Education and Professional Certificate of Instructional Leadership.

Jane Ceolin

First Peoples Directorate, Australian Catholic University

Jane Ceolin is Director of First Peoples at Australian Catholic University. She is also Chair (Acting) of Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families (QATSIF) Board of Advice. Jane has worked with a diverse range of teams across key stakeholder groups including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members to build and sustain effective partnerships and networks. She was appointed to a leadership role at Australian Catholic University in August 2012 and from December 2012 became the Acting Director of the Centre for Indigenous Education and Research. Jane is an Aboriginal woman with cultural and traditional connections to Far North Queensland. Through her mother’s and father’s connections, Jane is of the Wulgurukaba and Yirrganydji peoples.

Malcolm Elliott

Australian Primary Principals Association

Malcolm Elliott is president of the Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA). He commenced as president of APPA in January 2019 following on from Dennis Yarrington who had been in the position for the last four years. Malcolm is a member of the Board of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) and Chair of AITSL’s School Leadership and Expert Standing Committee. Malcolm was a member of the expert panel on the Australian Government’s ‘Next Steps: Report of the Quality Initial Teacher Education (QITE) Review’. He is also a founding member of the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA) Advisory Board.

Sally Egan

National Catholic Education Commission

Sally Egan is Deputy Executive Director of the National Catholic Education Commission. Sally is a values and purpose-driven leader with a bold vision for education. She has a balance of instructional and transformative skills, with a rare combination of senior leadership as a practitioner, consultant and system leader across all three NSW education sectors. Sally is a masterful presenter, coach and communicator, who is passionate about having the best possible schools, teachers, student outcomes and educational leadership in Australia. She is an experienced Educational Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the primary/secondary education industry. Sally is skilled in Educational Leadership, School Improvement, Coaching, Educational Consulting, Curriculum, Performance Review, and Strategic Planning.

Andrew Pierpoint

Australian Secondary Principals’ Association

Andrew Pierpoint is President of the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association – the peak body for School Leaders across Australia. He previously was President of the Queensland Secondary Principals’ Association for four (4) years. Andrew has had extensive experience, over 35 years, in High Schools as a science teacher, Head of Department (Science), Deputy Principal and Principal as well as having several system positions in the support of Principals. Throughout his career, Andrew has worked in complex rural and remote communities through to large regional and metropolitan schools. He has led communities and reference groups at district, regional, state and national levels.

Brian Lee-Archer

SURROUND Australia Pty Ltd

Brian Lee-Archer is Chief Executive of Strategy and Consulting at SURROUND Australia. He is a management consultant specialising in public service administration and digital government. Following a 12-year career in government administration, he has 25 years of consulting experience that includes extensive international engagements and research while working with global technology companies.

Professor Bob Lingard

Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education, Australian Catholic University

Professor Bob Lingard is a Professorial Fellow with the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education, Australian Catholic University (ACU). He is also Director of the Data and Digital Practices at System and School Research Program in ACU’s Centre for Digital Data and Assessment in Education. Bob is Emeritus Professor at The University of Queensland, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in the UK. He publishes in the sociology of education and his most recent books include, Reimagining globalization and education (Routledge, 2022) and Global-National networks in education policy: Primary education, social enterprises and ‘Teach for Bangladesh’ (Bloomsbury, 2022).

Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith

Institute for Learning Sciences & Teacher Education, Australian Catholic University

Claire Wyatt-Smith is the Director of the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education at Australian Catholic University (ACU) and Professor of Educational Assessment and Literacy. She is also the Director of the Research Centre for Digital Data and Assessment in Education at ACU. Her research addresses standards, professional judgement, and the implications of digital disruption for teacher professionalism.


Professionalizing Teacher Education
Performance Assessment, Standards, Moderation, and Evidence